Do you ever wake up in the morning full of energy and hope that this will be the day you get through your to do list? Do find yourself getting distracted and overwhelmed by different priorities and small fires that constantly need to be put out? Do you find most days are reactive and not proactive?

 Good Nutrition Protein Options

Good Nutrition Protein Options


So do I…

We know that you appreciate having a trainer during the workout to keep you focused during the full hour and on the goals that brought you here in the first place. A good coach will correct and explain your movements, so you will get the best benefit of your time in the studio.

The eating part is a different story. Some of you have sat down with me and made a specific plan with targeted action items to get results – this option is available to all of you. However, I have found in my last studio, sometimes it is fun if we all are a following a similar plan at the same time. I have had great success with my clients who have followed the Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried.

The purpose of the program is not to lose as much weight as possible in 21 days – only to gain it back and more. It’s to get your body out of fat storing mode and into fat burning mode!!

Please master cooking and eating protein foods like eggs, chicken, fish and beans (and shakes…) and vegetables. That is the foundation of any healthy plan.

Yours In Health,
Linda Ford, Manager
The Fitter Female Acton

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