This is so much more than a gym, for me it is my ticket back to fitness.

I used to be very fit throughout my 40’s but am now in my 50’s and health issues caused me to stray from my previous (regularly exercising) lifestyle. I even have a well equipped home gym, but, alas, I was not using it reliably and my lack of fitness was cascading, along with it my strength, mobility, balance, stamina and self esteem.

I am absolutely overjoyed that I made the decision to give The Fitter Female a try. The owner, Glen, connected with me right away through asking me exactly what brought me there, what I was expecting to get from it, and, most importantly, what was I willing to put into it. I can see that Glen sincerely wants his clients to achieve success and he wants to provide all the tools you need to adopt the lifestyle changes that will enhance your quality of life. Weirdly, he seems to know whether or not you have what it takes to make the transformation. It’s not just a line of bunk to get you to join. If he doesn’t believe you will succeed, he does not want to take your money.

The workouts are definitely challenging, but not insane. The terrific trainers will modify any of the exercises in rotation to accommodate whatever your issue is (back, shoulder, knee…)They will also modify to accommodate your fitness level. The vibe is very friendly and supportive and every woman in there is there for the same reason. No judgement!

If you are serious about improving your fitness and health, I highly recommend you stop in!!

Nancy Gold

I’ve been working with Glenn, he is awesome and keeps me motivated and accountable. I have a new way of eating with his diet plan and text him every meal. I’ve lost 41lbs already and have another 40 or so to go.. you will be very happy at the fitter female in Lexington. Reach out to him and start your amazing healthy journey

Karen Caira

Fitter Female in Lexington is THE place to get in the shape you have always wanted to be in. The trainers are friendly, attentive, and will push you to get the results you want. I have always been active, but have had plenty of days where I wasn’t in the mood to workout. That hasn’t happened to me at Fitter Female. No matter how tired I am I look forward to going. There is always a positive vibe and the owner, Glen, as well as the training staff goes above and beyond to help each and every person get results!

Kathryn O'Brien

Just started after many years not exercising, and it has been a great match for me: challenging workouts, really nice women, positive non-judgemental atmosphere, thoughtful group training and individual attention. Just what I was looking for!

Mel O

The staff at The Fitter Female, Glen, Hope, Linda, Dorothy, and Kevin are awesome, they’re all knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and very welcoming……..thanks to them I’ve lost 30 pounds.   The small group workout sessions are perfect, because the trainers can give personal attention and recommendations to each member of the group.  I look forward to going to all of my workout sessions, because I’ve met a lot of great people,  who make working out fun.

Meg Piccirillo

I can’t say enough about the people, atmosphere, and training ability at this gym. Since the moment I walked in the doors for the very first time I have always felt empowered, welcomed, and right at home. I knew just from meeting Glenn and Hope that I had found what I had been looking for for so many years, their energy alone is enough to motivate you to conquer your wildest dreams. I never thought I’d be able to get to where I am today but I am 80 lbs down and will never look back! It is so much more than a gym, I have built life long friendships and look at these women as family members. The training offered here is unparalleled and unlike anything offered anywhere else. The small group sessions are exactly what I needed to be able to get the attention it takes to achieve your goals. I have lower back problems and without fail, every single time I went in, the trainers would remember, ask me how I was feeling that day, and tailor each exercise to accommodate my needs. This is not your typical gym where you walk in unsure of yourself and get pushed to the side like a number, the trainers and management go out of their way daily to make sure each individual feels like they are the only one in the whole place! I’ve never met anyone as knowledgeable about nutrition than Hope. Any ailment you have- trust me SHE has the answer! My life changed the moment I walked into the Fitter Female and I will never look back!

Rebecca Staten