The Fitter Female

noun | the fit•ter fe•male | THē ‘fidr fēmāl

An empowered female determined to live a fitter, heathier and more empowered life.

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Exercise Programs for Women


The fitness, strength, and nutrition programs and content you see in the market are mostly by men, for men. The Fitter Female is here to change that.

We offer female exercise programs in Lexington and Acton, which will help you transform into the healthier, fitter version of yourself.

Created by Glenn Nazarian, Fitter Female offers three workout programs, each designed to meet your specific goals:

Get Fitter


Losing weight is only the start of it. Be leaner, stronger and more functional.

Fitter Female Healthy Approach


Eat cleaner, strengthen your immunity and have more energy.

The Fitter Female Charity Program


Every month, we will donate a portion of your fees to charity. You will make a difference..

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