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Linda Meyers, The Fitter Female Lexington, Manager

Linda Meyers is a graduate of Springfield College with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science.  Her career in the health and fitness industry started at the YMCA in Waltham, MA.  Linda has worked more than 15 years within the YMCA organization in various roles, with health & wellness always being a focus throughout her career.  Her experience included multiple Faculty YMCA certifications in the Health & Fitness department, allowing her to certify others at an Instructor level.  Linda became a Licensed Massage Therapist and opened her own practice.  She has also worked within a Chiropractor’s office as an L.M.T. gaining valuable experience.

Linda met Glenn Nazarian in 2007 and began to train within the boutique fitness studio in Bedford, MA.

In 2007 Linda became a trainer at a boutique fitness studio in Bedford, MA.  As the company grew and opened additional studios, she took on additional roles including Operations Manager.  Linda has a passion for fitness and loves to work with people.  She has particularly enjoyed conducting certification classes and educating others in the field.  She has found it very rewarding to see someone grow within the fitness industry, bringing out the best in themselves.

Linda serves as the Manager of The Fitter Female in Lexington, MA.  She enjoyed helping women reach their fitness and nutritional goals.

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