Functional training is, without a doubt, one of the most important forms of exercise. While regular activities in fitness classes and fitness centers are all beneficial, functional training focuses on the parts of your body that are used on a daily basis. The goal is to be able to carry out these daily tasks with the knowledge that your body is strengthened and toned to do them with ease.

Typically, functional training involves a lot of weight-bearing activities. These are targeted at core muscles as well as the upper and lower body to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time. By targeting functional muscle groups, you’re able to benefit from improved muscle memory balance, flexibility, posture, and coordination. The cardio-respiratory system also benefits from training as you’re able to complete your daily tasks, such as lifting a child off the floor or walking up several flights of steps, with minimal strain on your body.

Functional training makes up a considerable part of exercise programs for women, as well as general “get in shape” classes. Personal trainers also include them in small group training sessions alongside standard fat-burning exercises. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, you’ve got big weight loss plans, or you’re just looking to have more energy during everyday tasks, there’s every reason to look at functional training. We’ve included a few exercise options below.

Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell swings can help you strengthen all your pulling muscles. The muscles targeted are used every day in lugging heavy groceries to the car or picking up children from the floor. The goal is to learn how to extend your hips and exert more power to ensure you’ve got more energy and strength to get the job done.

Squat jumps
Squat jumps, which help you to jump, stand up fast, extend your hips and knees and apply force, are beneficial in functional training. They help you to lift with speed and power, and with repetition can reduce the risk of fatigue and sore muscles.

Step-ups help to strengthen your lower body which is helpful in all kinds of daily activities. The best part is, you can carry out step-ups anywhere – including your own home. By doing step-ups, you’re able to enhance your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Lunges work your entire lower body, including your major leg muscles. You put one foot forward, one backward, bend your knee low to the ground, and raise your weight off your body. Ensure you keep your feet parallel and don’t let your knee go beyond your toes on your front foot.

Your chest, arms and core muscles will be used far more throughout the day than you ever thought. However, it won’t be until you go to do something out of the ordinary that you realize your body isn’t used to it. The result is sore muscles, weakness, and fatigue. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to include push-ups in your functional training or fitness class. Remember, start your push up with your stomach and chest flat on the floor. This helps to build up more strength than a “half” push up would.

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