Healthier Happier Habits

Don’t you feel bad when you see a woman who is at a healthy weight, has lots of energy, vibrancy, healthy skin and a bounce in her step? Don’t you feel bad that she can eat anything she wants, stay up late, drink lots of alcohol and burn the candle at both ends? Maybe you don’t feel bad, but when you understand the prescription for her great health – eating whole foods, limiting processed foods, sugar and alcohol and getting plenty of sleep, you are not sure it’s worth the price. But if you have ever had the experience of feeling great, deep down you know it really is worth the time and effort it takes to get back to that place.

What makes these lifestyle changes so difficult is that our environment is filled with super tasting foods and drinks that appeal to our senses and brains in a way that chicken and broccoli do not. It’s like asking our children if they want to read a book, even on their favorite topic, or play a video game. The brain prefers the hyper stimulation of the video game. The processed foods we eat are literately changing our brains to crave more sugary, fatty foods. Keeping those foods out of the house and away from where we can see them will go a long way in changing our foods decisions.

The good news is when we choose whole, nutritionally dense foods, like chicken, asparagus and sweet potatoes, our brain, and cravings, change. The challenging part is making our diet changes a priority for a while, until we naturally desire better foods.

I know that eating a dessert, or any other decadent food, makes us happy. So does hearing our favorite song, hugging a loved one, or sitting out in the sun. I just want you to understand that eating these foods have consequences beyond the calorie count and are affecting every aspect of our lives.

Our goal for the month of June is to slowly change the foods we eat towards a more permanent way of eating that will not only make us healthy, happier and leaner, but will reduce cravings so we don’t have to “white knuckle” our way through food choices.

Are you in?

Sign up for our 21 Day Hormone Reset Diet starts this week. The program will begin on June 5th. Spend this week mastering cooking protein and veggies, which will make up the base of the program. Bonus points for entering a typical day in Myfitnesspal to track the number of calories, grams of protein and carbohydrates.

Yours In Health,
Linda Ford, Manager
The Fitter Female Acton