women cardio workout

When you’re looking for a new female weight loss program to improve your levels of health and wellbeing, it’s vital that it includes plenty of cardio workouts. There are so many benefits associated with cardio exercises for women, and finding that perfect fitness center that offers the full package can make all the difference. When you’ve adopted a good cardio fitness workout routine, you can benefit from improved heart health, a boost in your mood, increased immunity, better levels of circulation, and of course, weight loss.

There’s no time like the present to get started, so we’ve included the benefits of various cardio workouts for women below.

1. Walking
You don’t need a particular machine; you don’t need a specific physical fitness facility or a game plan, you just need to walk. As a low-impact exercise, it puts minimal pressure on your joints and muscles, while allowing you to increase your heart rate to burn calories. Walking at a fast pace for just one hour can help burn up to 400 calories! You also don’t need to set time out of your day to fit walking in. Instead of driving to the local store, you can put your sneakers on and walk there instead!

2. Running
With enough walking under your belt, you can step up your weight loss plan by beginning to run. Run up those stairs instead of walking up them, run around the block instead of walking, or even run to the mailbox! Even just running up and down a flight of stairs for an hour has the potential to burn up to 1,000 calories! The best part about running is that it builds up endurance. The more you run, the further you can go before running out of steam. And, of course, in the process, you’re helping your body to lose weight!

3. A kettlebell workout
A workout that incorporates kettlebells is a standard component of many weight loss programs for women. Not only does it help you build strength while you benefit from cardio, but you’re able to burn more calories, and lose more weight, than if you did those same exercises without a kettlebell. A kettlebell is a bell-shaped weight with a handle. You can use it for several different cardiovascular workouts, including kettlebell swings, and running. For every minute you use a kettlebell, you have the potential to burn 20 calories.

4. Skipping
Skipping, also known as jump rope, would have been a favorite pastime during your early school years, but it’s actually an effective form of cardio for women as well. It helps you to lose weight while building bone density, strengthening your muscles, building your endurance levels and making your heart stronger. While it might feel like you’re being taken back to your childhood, there’s every reason to grab a rope, have a little fun, and burn calories in the process!

5. Cycling
Whether you choose to use a stationary cycle or a bicycle, you’re sure to notice the benefits of cycling as a form of cardio exercise. Cycling not only helps you get in shape, but it improves your heart health while strengthening your muscles and burning calories in the process. Cycling can also be fun, especially when you choose to join a health and fitness program for women that incorporates different cardio machines such as stationary cycles.


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