personal group training

If you’re just beginning your weight loss journey, or you’re looking at your options to get in shape, some congratulations are in order. You’ve decided to become a healthier version of you, and that’s to be applauded. So what’s next? How do you kickstart your motivation to ensure you can lose weight and keep it off? You could go it alone and take advice from search engines, or you could join an exercise program for women at a health and fitness studio.

While the prospect of small group personal training can be daunting, women who join personalized weight loss programs have a far higher success rate for losing weight and improving health than those women who try it on their own.
If you’re not quite sure whether a small group personal training program is for you, we’ve included five benefits below.

You’ll learn from a personal trainer

If you’re new to exercise in general, there’s every possibility you have a lot of questions. While Google tries its best, a personal trainer is a far better source of information. They can show you proper technique, improve mobility, flexibility, and fitness, and give you personalized nutrition information to help you reach your goals. The best part is, you get the same guidance as one-on-one training for a fraction of the cost in a small group setting.

You’ll be more motivated

When you decide to lose weight and get in shape on your own, there’s not a lot to motivate you. Sure, the lure of a smaller waistline is a worthy incentive, but there’s no significant pull to get you off the couch and out the door to get moving. That’s why small group personal training programs are so beneficial. Knowing that you have to be somewhere at a particular time – and that your friends will be waiting for you – can often be the motivation you need to show up and get in shape. Consistency produces results!

It’s social

One of the best parts of exercise programs for women is the social aspect. You get to meet other people on the same journey as you, and you can bond over similar issues you’re facing. In fact, small group women’s only programs can help new friendships blossom, all while sharing the triumphs of increased strength, better health and reaching personal goals.

If you try and lose weight and get in shape on your own, it can be a lonely and less-rewarding process. Your workout friends are a valuable source of support.


If you’re working out at home with very few pieces of equipment, it can become dull very quickly. You need variety in a workout routine, not only to prevent boredom but to ensure every part of your body gets a workout. Small group personal training programs with personal trainers enable you to experience a wide range of exercises that change at every session and are modified to meet your current fitness level. The program should change as you do.

Higher chance of seeing results

If you’re attending each workout session and you’re sticking to a healthy diet as recommended by your trainer, you’re bound to see results. The chances of achieving your goals when you’re a part of an exercise program for women at a health and fitness studio are far higher because you have the expertise of a fitness professional to tailor advice to your unique needs, and the accountability to a facility that is invested in your success.


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